Case Studies

B Free Australia

Increased revenue by 77%

Increased ROAS by 12%

B Free provides comfortable and confidence boosting fashion solutions for Australian women.

With already established campaigns and a decent budget, our focus was to drive as much growth at the current ROAS as possible.

We quickly identified areas that the current campaigns were underutilising the budget, found keyword gaps and launched extremely targetted campaigns for key categories.

When combined with updated bid strategies, we were able to increase the revenue from Google ads by 77% and still increase the ROAS by a further 12%.

Barbell Foods

Increased revenue by 70%

Increased conversions by 68%

Barbell Foods specialises in selling meat products. Growing from selling at local Canberra markets to becoming an online powerhouse.

The goal for our campaigns has been to grow online sales keeping a consistant CPA while also improving overall brand awareness.

Initially we fixed issues with the Google Merchant centre along with conversion tracking problems. After getting a true understanding of their baseline sales, we were able to build out new campaigns, test different bid strategies and launched out targeted YouTube campaigns. In the first 3 months, we were able to improve revenue and conversions by 70% and 68%, and the growth is still continuing.

Mr Flood

Increased conversions by 289%

Decreased CPA by 77%

Mr Flood are flood damage experts based in Sydney offering 24/7 emergency flood repair services for homes and businesses.

They reached out to us because they weren’t receiving many leads from their campaigns despite the budget. To make things worse, the calls that they were driving were often irrelevant.

Based on our audit, we decided that it was best to start completely fresh. We created a campaign structure that consolidated as much data as possible (due to the high industry CPC’s) and focused on the priority keywords.

After the first 6 weeks, we were able to increase conversions by 289% while reducing the ad spend by 12%. This resulted in a 77% decrease in CPA.

Banksia Blue Studio

Increased website revenue by 104%

Increased Facebook ad revenue by 99%

Banksia Blue reached out to us as they wanted to grow their business but weren’t sure where or how to do so. 

They were already running Facebook ads and getting okay results, but thought that they could be getting more out of it. They also hadn’t tested out Google ads but were open to it.

We initially audited and consolidated the Facebook campaigns, allowing us to find new profitable audiences and scale the ad spend at similar ROAS.

We also launched out extremely targeted Google search & Pmax campaigns as a way of reaching a new audience while still achieving a profitable ROAS.

Sydney Rugs Online

Increased organic traffic by 277%

Increased organic revenue by 501%

Sydney Rugs Online provides quality handmade & machine made rugs, along with expert wash & repair services.

They initially engaged our services to improve their SEO, which had been their primary source of traffic & revenue, however they weren’t ranking well for any of their target keywords.

We identified and fixed several technical SEO issues which were limiting their rankings, along with updating and expanding the website content, meta descriptions and backlinks. Over the following 10 months we were able to increase organic traffic by 277% and revenue by 501%.

We are continuing to work with them on their SEO, but we have also now expanded to Google Ads, along with Social Media & Email marketing.


Increased revenue by 120%

Increased ROAS by 25%

In 2011, Organiqa launched and was the first website in Hungary to start distributing superfood products.

Prior to engaging in our services, Organiqa changed website platforms. Unfortunately, with this change, their Google ads campaigns suffered and couldn’t replicate the previous performance.

Their initial goal was to get the campaigns back to achieving the previous results and then to expand from there.

In the first month we fixed their conversion tracking issues, conversion attribution and launched new campaigns. After a month the results already surpassed what we had expected and have continued climbing.

The Skin Science Company

Increased revenue by 121%

Increased ROAS by 53%

The Skin Science Company provides high quality raw ingredients to make DIY skincare & cosmetic products.

They reached out to us as they were having  issues with their merchant centre & wanted to improve the overall performance of their Google ads.

We were able to identify and fix all merchant centre issues, improve the existing conversion tracking, launch new Performance Max campaigns in an optimised campaign structure and test new bidding strategies

This has lead to an increase to a 152% increase in conversions, 121% increase in revenue & 53% increase in ROAS in the first 2 months.

UTV Parts Guy

Increased revenue by 181%

Increased ROAS by 257%

Selling high quality parts and accessories for UTVs & 4x4s, UTV Parts Guy wanted to improve their current Google ads campaigns as they felt there was more potential that they weren’t maximising.

We conducted an audit of their merchant centre & current campaigns outlined several key opportunities that weren’t being capitalised on. We initially fixed the merchant centre errors and optimised the current campaign, before launching out a new structure that better matched their goals.

With a new campaign structure that prioritises allocating budgets to their top selling & high margin products, we were able to substantially increase their google ads revenue and budget while also improving profitability.

Leisures Shoe Boutique

Increased revenue by 86%

Increased ROAS by 50%

Leisures specialises in top European shoe brands and styles. Founded in 1999, it has expanded to seven stores in NSW but couldn’t get a foothold in online sales.

With several attemps at increasing their online sales, Leisures turned to us to overhaul their website & digital marketing campaigns.

The first stage was fixing issues on the website, with improvements made to website functionality, page load time and payment options.

We then completely replaced all advertising campaigns, focusing on creating best practise campaigns, campagin structure and budget utilisation.

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