Shopify Social Media Packages

Some industries work better with visuals and a more interactive environment. That’s why we have put together a variety of social media packages to suit any businesses needs. See the direct impact that paid advertising can have across your Shopify ecommerce website.

Facebook has the largest social media audience at just over 2 billion users, 1.5 billion of which log in and check on a daily basis. It makes sense that if you have products that are visual in nature, to advertise where the users are and where they are spending their time. While we still recommend running SEO simultaneously, don’t just rely on one source of traffic, see results, gain insight and understand your customers better through social ads.

Is This Right For Your Business

  1. You are currently running a Shopify Store or about to migrate to Shopify from another website CMS (Magento, WooCommerce, Neto etc.).
  2. Have you tried & failed at social media advertising before
  3. Do you know where your sales are or how your customers find you?
  4. Are you happy with your current social media agency?
  5. Do you want to communicate more effectively with your customers and learn how to better target potential customers in the future?

Choosing The Right Package

We have put together a range of Social Media packages to suit any size business. Majority of eCommerce websites will start with a combination of page likes & link click ads, but if you aren’t sure which is best suited for your business, enquire below and one of our consultants will understand your needs and recommend the best suited package.

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